and this time i think i shld let him go for my sake . maybe we're not meant together . and also i think i shld forget everything bout him .  I don’t think that he will come back to me after all the things that he do . and also I don’t think he will leave her for me . and I shld move on now . totally move on . forget all the memories and find my own life without him . and can anybody suggest me how to move on from guy he him tired of thinking this shit .

I think I can let him go now after 4 years I keep waiting for him and at last I realized that he has no interest on me anymore uh god this is fucking hurt ==’ sokay , ive another thing to focus so  then I can forget everything bout him . tough . admit . kehkeh I think I shld love myself

And ive something to tell you guys . ive get annoyed on a girl heh I don’t like her tho she is quite annoying  eh not quite eh but fucking annoying and I hate her . she always blame others padahal salah kau en tak bukan salah kau pun tapi entahlah takya nak blame others tho pepandai ah tanggung . nvrmind lah I hope this the last sem that I meet her heh I want spa so much thooooooooo



i miss you . i know it is pretty ridiculous but hm idk . i miss the way you smile , laugh and everything bout you . where have you been ? ive looking for you since three years ago till now but i can find you . i still need your explanation . 

i still be like before , ignoring others and waited for you presence . i thought you will apperar front me , soon . i still hoping on you , mate . so pls . i need you .