quite busy lately ni dengan business and hey you know what since im home kita jarang contact and too many problems yang datang and now i start the war yes i am padahal aku pi bagi poem sweet habis gula kat dia and bila dia call me " sayang " i was like , can you stop call me sayang , i tak suka sebab you hurt me lah siaaaaaaaa yes i sakit hati , sakit hati sangat .

sebab you orang lainpun kena tempias and now idk what to do and what i really know i miss you so byee


oct already and yeah we still not contact each other and i keep wondering why doh and what act happend to us ? nvm lah i dont even care pun act as you pandai jaga diri and happy cukuplah . and act ive something to tell you but nvm nanti je aku bagitahu . so ive done with my final so freedom for a while and im waiting for my iv next week for spa i get nervous doh i hope i dapat spa tu because it will make my life easier hahaha chillax pray for me hunnnnnn