Dunia Baru

Welcome to the very superb adventure world ;)

University life . Ive been here less than 1 month and everything is good so far alhamdullilah . Got a superb friendly senior and easy to share anything . Yaa i do love them . Kak Aisha , Kak Fatin and Aini . My roommate . They are seriously fucking funny all the time . Always make me happy so far , Alhamdullillah . Ive met one of my friend in primary school . My old deskmate . Yaaa it was an unexpecting memory . I never thought that we can meet again and praised to Allah for this meet .

And now , im starting to miss my classmates (( 5 Akaun 2 )) . And my pretty teachers . And all my eobians . Idk why but yaaa they 1 in million tho ! I hope you guys success in everything you do .

And my cutie 3.142 , goodluck there dear . I miss you :)))) *pstt i know youll never read this