People is keep judging . They always assume and never ask for get the truth .

What the shame . Yesterday , i've met an uncle ( he's Indian ) .  And we've our short conv .

" You ni mesti selalu keluar dengan boyfriend kan ? Dating ? "

Eh ? No lah . Kita kalau nak keluar nanti ibu tanya nak pergi mana , dengan siapa , naik apa , pergi pukul berapa , nak buat apa kat sana , balik bila and macam macam macam soalan lagi . Kita susah nak keluar rumah .

" Oh really ? Baguslah your mum . Sebab I selalu nampak budak budak umur macam you ni pergi dating dengan boyfriend dekat center point , scm . Siap pegang tangan , ada yang peluk peluk lagi . Ramai melayu . "

And you shld know my expression that time . I get shamed . Kesian bangsa kita ni . Haihhhh

Topic Changed .

Something special . Yeah , i do care bout you too much . But it was past . Yaa i do care bout you , i do love you , i do miss you and i let your name in my heart but it was past . And past is past . You've leave me without heard my explanation . I cried over and over but you didnt care . Till one day i can forget you and make you as unknown in my life . And since that i can live like before .

But now , you come again . Why ? You gimme your heart back . I cant but i dont know . Why now you tell me that you love me ? You shld know how hurt me when you leave me . I begging you . Please go far away from my life . Dont make me hurt anymore . I never give you second chance . So please , GO and JUST GO !

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