What The =='

You could be the one who listen to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I always love

Yaaaa jiwa kacau jiwa kacau . I hate all this damn things very much . Pleasee go far away from me , dear . Im begging on you :'| Babe , I miss Amsyar badly . Hmm emm I miss all about him . His voice , his smile , his laugh , yaaa all , all bout him . Hmm emm feel like wanna call him right now . Wanna share all my problemo with him . But , he's has his own problem so I cant tell him bout my probs . Wanna tell him bout that girl , that boy , that kid . Hm emmmm to much story act . Yaaaaa who else I can share all my probs ? Them ? Hmm emm no no . I cant . They are not my listener . Hm emm I hate this so muchhhh . Fucking hell yeah ?

Kkk need to go . Wish me luck for this Mid-Term Test ehh ? Mumtaz for SMA'13 . InsyaAllah .

With That
.Le Syeraa.

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